Red Cabbage


Rococo F1

  • High round head with intense dark blue-red colour
  • Short core, good structure and fine veins
  • Medium plant type with many wrapper leaves
  • Good yield and good field holding ability
  • Relative maturity 130 days from transplant
  • Late Autumn / Winter / Spring harvest, suitable for the bolting period
  • CMS version of RODON

Roxanne F1

  • Early season variety with relative short growing season
  • Medium sized with little wrapper leaves
  • Dark red in colour weighing 0,750-1,500 kg
  • Very good bolting tolerance
  • Suitable for the early market and summer production

Romanov F1

  • Fresh market red cabbage
  • Produces heads of 1.5-3.0kg
  • Slightly oval, suits the trend to smaller crates
  • Short core and very bright red internal colouring
  • Vigourous, 90 days from transplant to harvest