Articles - Cabbage

24 January 2007

Vitamo Looking Good

Levin grower, Jeff Wong today harvested our evaluation trials of Wong Bok type Chinese cabbages.  These were planted within his commercial crop of Vitamo.Whilst the... more...

09 September 2013

Rococo gives high yields

Today in Gisborne despite a very mild winter the high yielding red cabbage ROCOCO was holing very well in the field. The high round heads... more...

25 November 2012

Cabbage breeding improvements

Nickerson-Zwaan is continuing their high investment in cabbage breeding and improving varieties across the entire cabbage range. In the field the main issues the cabbage... more...

06 January 2012

Taurus F1 cabbage

Taurus F1 is a vigorous, big sized, round cabbage in the Blue-Green type. For fresh market and processing. Well adapted to a wide range of growing... more...

01 April 2008

Sweet Roxanne

Roxanne is an early maturing red cabbage variety that forms a nice head with very high head quality. The length of the core is small... more...

10 February 2006

Midi cabbage gems

Nickerson Zwaan has long dominated the breeding of mini and medium sized cabbages. These types have been slow to develop in New Zealand as growers... more...