Carrot Nantes


Priam F1

  • Mid-maturing deep orange nantes carrot for the main crop and storage market.
  • Strong upright foliage which remains green late in the season.
  • Excellent root quality and smooth skin finish
  • Has the ability to take the rough and tumble in the cold

Senior F1

  • Early and maincrop Nantes type that produces high yields of somewhat tapered roots.
  • The uniform roots are connected to a strong top with good attachment.
  • Versatile, with good results from a range of soil types and sowing times.
  • Strong bolting tolerance, well suited for early sowings.

Stromboli carrot F1

  • Maincrop and field storage Nantes type for autumn, winter and early spring harvest.
  • Roots are bold and slightly conical.
  • Good tolerance to breaking and splitting.
  • The foliage is very strong and has good resistance to Alternaria.

Mercurio F1

  • Early Nantes variety for the first of the season's sowings in Ohakune, Canterbury and Southland.
  • Produces an attractive dark orange root with a smooth skin finish.
  • Strong bolting tolerance, well suited for early sowings.
  • Mercurio has good field holding ability for an early variety.

Nansen F1

  • Very early maturing Nantes type for year-round production
  • Nansen is suitable for bunching and washing
  • Suitable for late sowing and long term storage
  • Very uniform roots of 18-20cm with a dark orange colour
  • Nansen does not easily break or split and is ideal for the pre-pack market
  • Performs best with high fertility