Lebanese Cucumber


NiZ 51-476 F1

    • Early maturing, high yielding variety.
    • Dark green, straight and uniform fruits (6-7 inches) without necks.
    • Multi fruited; two - three fruits per node.
    • A plant with strong endurance and good heat tolerance.
    • Has good powdery mildew resistance.
    • Resistant to CMV, WMV, CVYV, ZYMV, PRSV, Ccu (scab).


NiZ 51-498 F1

  • Early spring/Late autumn variety.
  • Strong main stem variety with strong root system, upright leaf habit.
  • Compact plant with short internodes, and short determinate side shoots.
  • Dark green well filled shiny fruits of 16-17cm.
  • Resistant to scab CVYV, CMV, ZYMV, intermediate resistant to powdry mildew Px.