Telegraph Cucumber


Carmen F1

  • Carmen is a widely adapted variety that suits a range of New Zealand conditions
  • Best suited for spring, summer and autumn production
  • Long fruits (12 – 14 inches), dark glossy green, slightly ribbed
  • Short neck and very straight fruits
  • Strong plant with a reliable yield
  • Powdery mildew (Sf) resistant variety


Polaris F1

  • For winter and early spring production
  • Open plant, well aerated and very fast growing to the wire
  • Cylindrical well filled fruits with 1 fruit per node
  • Slightly ribbed skin with medium green colour
  • Long uniform fruit length (13 - 16 inches), even in cold periods
  • Intermediate resistance to Powdery mildew (Sf)

Rembrandt F1

  • Transitional variety for spring and autumn production
  • Open plant with medium sized leaves
  • Cylindrical well filled shiny fruit (12 – 15 inches)
  • Early production
  • Intermediate resistance to Powdery Mildew (Sf), resistant to CVYV


NiZ 51-55 F1

  • Summer telegraph cucumber
  • Very generative, sometimes 2 fruit per node
  • Cylindrical, straight fruit with a slight neck
  • 13-15 inch fruit, that are medium to dark green
  • Intermediate resistance (Ir) to Powdery mildew(Sf), CVYV and HR to Ccu


NiZ 51-63 F1

  • Powerful plant with good endurance and strong side shoots
  • Medium to dark green fruit, between 32-36cm long
  • Good production on main stem and side shoots
  • High Production in mid-season of production
  • Good cold tolerance
  • Resistance to scab (Ccu), CvYV, Ir to CUSDV