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29 May 2008

Carmen 25 years on and still growing strong

Dave & Diedrie Barton started growing cucumbers on the northern outskirts of Christchurch over 25 years ago and over that time they have established Coolcumber... more...

21 September 2007

Carmen springs into action

Island Horticulture are the largest cucumber producers in the South Island they have grown thier business soley on the reliable performance of Carmen. Today I... more...

13 November 2006

Excellent Production from Nickerson-Zwaan Cucumbers in Spring

In the Auckland region today, Steve McArthur visited with a range of greenhouse cucumber producers who were very happy with the results of their Nickerson-Zwaan... more...

17 January 2006

Carmen impresses north and south

Visiting the Vigour greenhouse growers in Canterbury today was Arie of Exception in Pukekohe. Exception are soon to be New Zealand's largest greenhouse cucumber producers... more...