Articles for Variety Polaris F1

10 September 2013

Polaris maintains top spot

Drury cucumber growers are having a great run with Polaris cucumber, the mild winter (August was 2 degrees warmer than average) is helping as too... more...

21 April 2013

Polaris, straight and true.

Polaris was been producing high yields of long dark green fruit in the New Zealand autumn. The warmer than usual night temperatures has been challenging... more...

05 March 2013

Polaris the choice for winter production

POLARIS f1 is a vigorous variety specifically bred for cool season cropping. Early production of long straight, dark green fruit from this fast growing hybrid... more...

01 March 2012

Polaris reduces growing costs

Polaris telegraph cucumber is the idela choice for winter and early spring production. Polaris has a open plant, is well aerated and very fast growing... more...

24 April 2011

Polaris shines in winter

The team at Sharma Produce are happiest when growing and packing POLARIS F1 cucumbers! Mr. Sharma the owner and president of South Auckland based cucumber... more...

25 February 2011

Strong seedling vigour

Vigour together with our breeding partners Nickerson-Zwaan have identified an extremely vigorous seed lot of Polaris for this seasons sowings in New Zealand. Vigour over... more...

11 September 2007

Polaris outstanding in 2007

POLARIS has cemented its position as the number one winter cucumber in New Zealand; in both quality and first grade marketable yield. Cucumber growers have... more...

29 August 2006

Polaris finishes strongly in Winter

Polaris has really thrived this winter in these tough conditions of low light and colder than usual temperatures.  Some growers report going down as low... more...

12 July 2006

Powerful Polaris charges through winter

This week in the Auckland region the cucumber variety Polaris bred by Nickerson-Zwaan has really shone in the mid winter days. Polaris has increased in... more...

26 January 2006

Polaris surprises in the heat

Today I had the pleasure of visiting one of the neatest cucumber growing operations run by Somerset Growers at Mangawhai. Their greenhouses are kept in... more...