Articles for Variety Rembrandt F1

08 December 2013

Rembrandt is number 1

Rembrandt cucumber continues to impress in the spring and summer cropping period. It has the ability to produce high yields of large fruit in the... more...

19 March 2013

As good as gold

The endless summer of 2013 is proving to be quite tricky for cucumber growers and seedling raisers, not to mention crop advisors. Those that have... more...

18 October 2011

Rembrandt power in spring

Rembrandt cucumber once again proved its prower for spring cucumber production. Today iin Auckland the plants were strong and very productive, producing high yields of... more...

14 September 2009

Rembrandt grower pictures

Neil and Christine Yearbury, cucumber growers from Drury today sent these photos of thier current crop of Rembrandt. Neil and Christine have been growing Rembrandt for... more...

07 December 2006

Hope Hothouses grow with Vigour

Hope Hothouses have been using the Nickerson-Zwaan bred cucumbers supplied by Vigour exclusively for the past two seasons. Stuart has had excellent results from both... more...

04 October 2006

Rembrandt Top Quality

Rembrandt continues to perform for numerous growers with a wide range of management techniques.The strength of the plant has helped in this period of fluctuating... more...

29 August 2006

Rembrandt starts well later in Winter

Early plantings of Rembrandt cucumber are looking promising in the Auckland region; the first harvest in this greenhouse is producing very well with large well... more...

25 January 2006

Hot and Sticky - Rembrandt masters the conditions

Many of you would have been impressed with your harvest of Rembrandt F1 cucumber in spring, where it made impressive quality and size whilst producing... more...

15 December 2005

A valuable Rembrandt uncovered

This spring, growers have been very impressed with Rembrandt cucumber.Bred by Nickerson-Zwaan for spring and autumn production, we have had numerous commercial plantings of Rembrandt... more...