Capito F1

  • Early-mid season variety for summer and autumn harvest
  • Very good field holding ability
  • A key feature is its ability to produce long shanks
  • High yielding, uniform, erect plant
  • Easy to peel
  • Strong tolerance to bolting

Callahan F1

  • Uniform, Erect plant habit, High yield potential
  • Harvest Winter and early Spring
  • Very easy peeling with no bulb
  • Shaft length  25-28 cm, Nice white shank    
  • Easy  handling- peeling
  • High resistance to Pseudomonas


  • Very early, high performing variety for early and mid season production
  • Its short maturity period allows Pancho to be used late in the season
  • Medium broad leaves, rather upright with attractive green colour
  • Long shaft without the tendency to bulb
  • Very good yield potential and easy to peel



  • Performs best for mid season to late production
  • High yielding open pollinated variety
  • Excellent tolerance to cold
  • Very erect dark blue-green leaves
  • Reliable producer