Articles - Lettuce

04 April 2006

Autumn lettuce trials in Pukekohe

During March and April Vigour conducted several iceberg lettuce trials throughout New Zealand with major trials in numerous growers fields in Pukekohe. These trials were... more...

16 December 2005

Mazur trumps with disease tolerance

Hydroponic trials of Mazur have proved very successful.In one such trial we placed a lot of pressure on the plants to see how they would... more...

14 December 2005

Bantam - all the class of a heavyweight!

Babyleaf lettuce continues to gain in popularity in New Zealand and helping this along has been the introduction of Bantam to the market. Bantam has... more...

11 December 2005

Mazur makes it in the mud

The floods in Gisborne recently have been well documented with a major flooding emergency followed shortly after with another of similar proportions. The growers in... more...

27 May 2007

Keep the aphids out with Musson nr

Musson nr the new vigorous nassanovia aphid resistant iceberg lettuce bred by Nickerson-Zwaan; looked very good out in the field in Gisborne today. Our initial... more...

14 November 2006

More crunch from Nickerson-Zwaan lettuce

New Zealand salad lettuce producers continue to get great results from Nickerson-Zwaan bred lettuce varieties.  Nickerson-Zwaan specialise in the breeding of Romaine/COS, Green Frill and... more...

25 January 2006

The ultimate lettuce crunch

The waters around Taupo are best known for their trout not their lettuces. Today we caught a beauty oakleaf in a hydroponic growing system overlooking... more...