Brown Onion


Rhinestone F1

  • High yielding RLK type
  • High skin numbers with excellent skin retention
  • Good bolting tolerance
  • Matures slighlty earlier than Regular PLK
  • Very uniform bulbs
  • Good tolerance to herbicides

Tilbury F1

  • Bred specifically for New Zealand production
  • Late maturing PLK hybrid type, with many improvements
  • The bulbs are extremly firm and have a high number of skins with a dark brown finish
  • High round/flat shoulder, resulting in high production
  • Reported by the main South Island packers as having highest packout percentage of class 1 Europe grade onions in 2005/06
  • Has the ability to make size under stressful growing conditions


Wolf F1

  • Mid-early overwintering variety, very fast growing in spring
  • Round-shaped uniform bulb, fast growing and light brown skin
  • Dark green leaves, upright, with strong wax layer
  • Excellent winter hardiness and resistant to bolting


  • An improved ELK type with the ability to make higher yields
  • Produces excellent skins with an attractive deep brown finish
  • The plant has erect foliage that is very bolt resistant
  • Suitable for long term shipping and storage



Jarit ELK

  • Premium selection of Pukekohe Early Long Keeper
  • Selected for improved skin retention and storability
  • Offers a high yield of early maturing export quality onions
  • Suitbale for long term shipping and storage
  • Long time market leader in this segment
  • High bolting tolerance

Jarit RLK

  • Premium selection of Pukekohe Regular Long Keeper
  • High yielding PLK type with very pungent firm bulbs
  • Mid to late maturity with excellent bolting tolerance
  • Long time market leader in this segment
  • Suitable for long term shipping and storage



Panther F1

  • Mid-early over wintering variety
  • Globe shaped bulb, with very firm finish (more like PLK)
  • Excellent winter hardiness and strong against bolting
  • Matures end of December from lae March sowings in Canterbury

Quattro F1

  • Long day variety for sowing in Spring
  • Globe shaped bulbs, with fine neck
  • Very uiform in shape and size
  • Vigorous foliage, not as waxy as PLK