Articles for Variety Tilbury F1

07 April 2011

Tilbury outstanding packouts

This week Wim van der Heijden who is the product manager for onions at Nickerson-Zwaan, the Neterhlands visited New Zealand. Wim visited growers packing and... more...

17 February 2007

Lincoln Onion Trial

The onion variety trial sown early in September 2006, on the property of Greg & Sue Tucker, on the outskirts of Lincoln is progressing well. ... more...

08 February 2007

Tilbury impressive again in Pukekohe

Growers in Pukekohe have started to lift their crops of Tilbury onions and is receiving some rave reviews. When compared with other varieties, Tilbury has... more...

04 December 2006

Tilbury Mid Growth

The fields of Tilbury were today growing very well in the Hastings district.     The plantings of Tilbury in the district are well and performing well... more...

13 November 2006

Tilbury Growing Well

The commercial plantings of Tilbury F1 onions are progressing well.  The variety is showing strong vigour at the 4th leaf stage. In some fields the... more...

21 September 2006

Onion Trials in The Netherlands

  Today I visited the field trials of new varieties being bred by Nickerson Zwaan at their research station in the North of The Netherlands. Onion... more...

15 May 2006

Leading plant breeder visits New Zealand

Nickerson-Zwaans brassica breeding team leader Jan-Leendert Harrewijn; made a flying visit to New Zealand to view brassica and onion development trials and meet with a... more...

06 May 2006

Onion trials sent to The Netherlands

New Zealand exports the majority of its onion production, much of this to the UK and Europe. Part of our on going research program has... more...

03 May 2006

Packing Tilbury Onions

Today in Christchurch we packed the Tilbury onions produced at our trial site in Lincoln. The onions packed out a high percentage of class 1... more...

12 March 2006

Onion trial field update

Top fall at the Vigour onion research site at Lincoln.  Our one acre intermediate day length onion trial has finished off nicely. There has been... more...

28 February 2006

Tilbury in Mid Canterbury

A large field of Tilbury onions are just about to be lifted in the Mid Canterbury, this planting of more than 10 hectares of Tilbury... more...

24 February 2006

Tilbury in Pendarves

It is almost time to lift a large field of Tilbury onions in Pendarves, Rakaia district. Despite a severe herbicide check, this planting of more... more...

15 February 2006

Tilbury conquers Pukekohe

This season Vigour conducted 5 field trials of Tilbury in the Pukekohe region with sowings in the first 2 weeks of August. For the past... more...

25 January 2006

Jumbo sized Tilbury in Hastings

Hastings has managed to produce a very large and consistent size of Tilbury onion from these early - mid August sowings. Sowing at rates around... more...