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28 February 2013

Jarit onions on track

I am pleased to report that at this stage the seed crops of the JARIT OP Pukekohe type onions are looking good. We exepct good... more...

27 April 2012

Rhinestone high packout %

Rhinestone onion in this field in Mid-Canterbury is packing out at around 100 tonnes per hectare, with minimal rejects. One competitor variety in the same... more...

06 March 2012

Rhinestone exceptional in lower North Island

Rhinestone F1 continues its impressive performance in New Zealand. This week I visited fields in Bulls, Shannon and Levin, all fields of Rhinestone were exceeding... more...

23 February 2012

Rhinestone outstanding in the field

Rhinestone onion continues to impress at Garlefan Farms in Mid Canterbury. The second commerical year that Garlefan Farms has grown Rhinestone and it continues to... more...

19 May 2011

Onion seed supply update

Following increased demand for the high quality onion seed lines from Vigour, we have sold out of the following varieites for 2011:Jarit ELKZenithValley BrownRhinestone F1Tilbury... more...

07 April 2011

Tilbury outstanding packouts

This week Wim van der Heijden who is the product manager for onions at Nickerson-Zwaan, the Neterhlands visited New Zealand. Wim visited growers packing and... more...

19 January 2010

Rhinestone a real gem!

  Now into its 6th year of harvest in New Zealand, Rhinestone f1 is once again confirming its ability to produce high yields of quality... more...

29 October 2008

Onion storage trials

Each year from our main trial sites in both Lincoln and Pukekohe districts we store bulbs of all the varieties that we test. I assess... more...

17 February 2007

Lincoln Onion Trial

The onion variety trial sown early in September 2006, on the property of Greg & Sue Tucker, on the outskirts of Lincoln is progressing well. ... more...

08 February 2007

Tilbury impressive again in Pukekohe

Growers in Pukekohe have started to lift their crops of Tilbury onions and is receiving some rave reviews. When compared with other varieties, Tilbury has... more...

04 December 2006

Tilbury Mid Growth

The fields of Tilbury were today growing very well in the Hastings district.     The plantings of Tilbury in the district are well and performing well... more...

20 September 2006

German Onion Production

Dr Peter Grauert, a well respected onion expert in Germany, recently hosted our Steve McArthur for a few days in Germany. Steve was given a... more...

11 September 2006

Best in Store

In March this year we harvested the onions from our main trial screening field at Lincoln.  Today we carefully assessed the stored onions from the trial... more...

15 May 2006

Leading plant breeder visits New Zealand

Nickerson-Zwaans brassica breeding team leader Jan-Leendert Harrewijn; made a flying visit to New Zealand to view brassica and onion development trials and meet with a... more...

06 May 2006

Onion trials sent to The Netherlands

New Zealand exports the majority of its onion production, much of this to the UK and Europe. Part of our on going research program has... more...

03 May 2006

Packing Tilbury Onions

Today in Christchurch we packed the Tilbury onions produced at our trial site in Lincoln. The onions packed out a high percentage of class 1... more...

12 March 2006

Onion trial field update

Top fall at the Vigour onion research site at Lincoln.  Our one acre intermediate day length onion trial has finished off nicely. There has been... more...

28 February 2006

Tilbury in Mid Canterbury

A large field of Tilbury onions are just about to be lifted in the Mid Canterbury, this planting of more than 10 hectares of Tilbury... more...

24 February 2006

Tilbury in Pendarves

It is almost time to lift a large field of Tilbury onions in Pendarves, Rakaia district. Despite a severe herbicide check, this planting of more... more...

15 February 2006

Tilbury conquers Pukekohe

This season Vigour conducted 5 field trials of Tilbury in the Pukekohe region with sowings in the first 2 weeks of August. For the past... more...

25 January 2006

Jumbo sized Tilbury in Hastings

Hastings has managed to produce a very large and consistent size of Tilbury onion from these early - mid August sowings. Sowing at rates around... more...

10 March 2015

High yiields of Rhinestone in Canterbury 2015 harvest

Rhinestone onion is again proving to to be the pick of the crop in Canterbury. It is packing out at over 95% of class one... more...

27 February 2015

Rhinestone yield and quality

Rhinestone onion has once again int he Hastings been the outstanding performer. This season the cold spring conditions resulted in more bolting pressure and this... more...

20 August 2014

Onion development trials

The Vigour development trials have been planted , this year a little earlier than usual. Conditions have been good for planting onions across New Zealand,... more...

09 May 2014

Some weighty RED SHINE

The Nelson Bay region is not one of the biggest onion growing regions in New Zealand, however, it does produce some BIG onions. Shirley and... more...

07 May 2014

Onion seeds for 2014 sowing

We are pleased to report we have excellent onion seed quality for this coming season of all our brown onion varieties.   The leading vareities in... more...

24 February 2014

High yields of Rhinestone

Today Rhinestone onion once again confirmed its high yielding ability. This field in the southern Pukekohe district was nudging 100 tonnes per hectare off the... more...

04 December 2013

Jarit RLK exceptional long storage

Jarit RLK the best regular selection available in New Zealand of the world famous Pukekohe Long Keeper (PLK) continues to amaze. Today in Pukekohe one... more...

12 September 2013

The leaders in onion breeding

In this article published in the NZ Grower in August, I profile the world's leading onion breeding company Hazera-Nickerson-Zwaan. The best brains in the world... more...

12 July 2013

Onion breeding

This week I visited our onion breeding partners to view the trial bulbs that I sent to them in March and to meet with onion... more...

23 April 2013

Rhinestone and Tilbury Packing Demonstration

Today in Tuakau (outskirts of Pukekohe) Vigour held a successful onion packing demonstration at the packing faciltiy of ST PACKERS. With 45 local onion growers... more...

04 April 2013

Rhinestone onion packing demo

Following on from our field day in Pukekawa at ST Growers, we will have a packing demonstration of the onions.  At ST PACKERS next to... more...

15 February 2013


We are holding a field demonstration on Tuesday 19th February, (wet or fine)@ ST Growers cnr Clarke & Denize Road and Geraghty Road, Pukekawa from... more...

13 February 2013

Over Wintering Onions

If you are looking for onions to lead into the new season, Nickerson-Zwaan have bred PANTHER and WOLF for the harsh European over-wintering growing conditions.... more...

23 May 2012

Hokkaido onion tour

Steve McArthur spent two weeks visiting growers, marketers and wholesale markets while in Japan to attend the world allium congress. Quality and diversity is what... more...

20 March 2011

Rhinestone a gem of an onion

Excellent results have been achieved with RHINESTONE F1 onion a new high yielding Regular Pukekohe Long Keeper type. Rhinestone has high skin numbers with excellent... more...

10 March 2011

Quattro makes size in dry conditions

Faced with a very wet late winter and spring which delayed their onion sowings, Pukekohe growers Harry and Sam Das turned to QUATTRO f1 onion... more...

13 January 2010

Overwintering onions in the South

PANTHER f1 is a new hybrid that offers growers PLK type bulb qualities in an Autumn sown, Summer harvest onion. Overwinter onions are a high risk... more...

20 February 2008

Jarit onion breeding excels

The 2008 harvest of Vigour’s assortment of Jarit bred onions has been very successful. A feature has been the performance of Zenith in the early... more...

01 September 2007

Onion crop updates

We have just completed the development of the most upto date onion growing information website available for growers that choose to grow with VIGOUR. We... more...

13 November 2006

Tilbury Growing Well

The commercial plantings of Tilbury F1 onions are progressing well.  The variety is showing strong vigour at the 4th leaf stage. In some fields the... more...

21 September 2006

Onion Trials in The Netherlands

  Today I visited the field trials of new varieties being bred by Nickerson Zwaan at their research station in the North of The Netherlands. Onion... more...