Specialty tomato


Summersun F1

  • Cherry tomato with bright yellow fruit colour
  • Orginal and eye-catching colour
  • "The refelction of the sun"
  • Very sweet taste sensation
  • Resistances, Vd, Fol1, ToMV

47020 F1


  • In the Campari class
  • High yield ability
  • Very tasty fruit
  • Suits high tech and hobby markets

Red Beauty

  • The best cherry tomato in the 2012 Vigour trials
  • High fruit numbers, 50-100 fruit per truss
  • Very open plant habit, high yielding
  • excellent taste

Romanita F1

  • Long Shelf life fruit
  • Unique deep red colour
  • Oval fruit shape


  • Early variety with intense red small oval fruit
  • Diameter 20-30mm
  • Strong plant
  • Excellent taste, with high brix of 7-8
  • Resistances HR: Fol (race 1,3),For, ToMV, Pst IR: Mj, Mi, Sl


Verdone F1

  • Unique green tomato
  • Flat globe shaped fruit, AFW 200-250gm
  • Excellent flavour and shelf-life
  • HR: Vd (race 1), Fol (race 1,2), ToMV, For
    IR: Mj*, Mi*