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07 December 2013

Special Tomatoes

Our tomato breeding partners Hazera Genetics are well known for producing traditional round red tomato varieties such as Daniela. However, in recent times their breeding... more...

24 July 2011

Hazera unique tomato types

Over the past few seasons Vigour has been testing a wide range of specialty tomato varieties bred by the world's leading tomato breeders HAZERA. Vigour... more...

19 March 2012

Greenhouse tomato trials

This season we have been testing a new range of greenhouse tomatoes bred by Hazera Genetics in the main tomato segment in New Zealand. Along... more...

27 May 2010

Hazera tomato news #6

The latest tomato newsletter from world leading tomato breeders - Hazera Genetics. Inside tihs issue you will see more information about ANTONELLA a tomato variety... more...

15 January 2010

Antonella Tomato Continues to Impress

Today in the Nelson region the winter plantings of Antonella were perfoming very well under the long day conditons of the South Island. The strong... more...

29 December 2009

Latest Hazera Tomato News

The latest issue of Hazera Tomato News can be downloaded here by following the link in this article.  You will find many interesting articles, including a very... more...

25 October 2009

Antonella performing well in high-tech glass

Antonella is a new tomato recently launched by the worlds leading tomato breeders HAZERA GENETICS. Inital trials conducted by Vigoour here in New Zealand are confimring... more...