Raoul F1

  • 12-14 weeks to maturity for autumn harvest
  • Produces a large vigourous upright frame
  • Improved curd density suitable for fresh and processing use
  • Good vigour and leaf disease resistances

Seoul F1 cms

  • 11-13 weeks maturity from transplant
  • Suited to a wide harvest period from December to June
  • The plant produces strong, erect, big leaves
  • Very firm, high round dense curd, with a short floret
  • The florets are tough and strong against pinking
  • The large curd is suitalbe for both fresh and processing use


Amsterdam F1 cms

  • 12-14 weeks maturity from transplant
  • Suited to late spring and early autumn harvest
  • Ideal for the transition from winter to summer types
  • White, dense, regular and round shaped curd
  • Fast to maturity, high first cut percentage
  • Performs best with good nutrition


Barcelona F1 cms

  • 9-11 weeks maturity from transplant
  • Variety suited for early production; end of December and January
  • Featuring well protected dense, white curds of exceptional quality
  • Not susceptible to red colouration
  • Its consistent performance makes this variety a standard for the early main crop period


Chimonix F1

  • Strong healthy crop with dense heads
  • Autumn harvest 14-15 weeks from transplant
  • High number of heart leaves
  • Very waxy blue green leaf
  • Suits transplanting in hot conditions

NiZ 10-485 F1

  • A late autumn variety for harvest in NZ for April, May and early June
  • Strong plant vigour combined with exceptional curd wrap
  • Upright, waxy leaves with good disease tolerance
  • Very dense, smooth white curds
  • 15-16 weeks from transplant to harvest

Toft F1

  • Early variety suited for spring harvest
  • Very vigourous and strong plant habit
  • Strong against blindness and riciness
  • Relative maturity is 11 weeks from transplant