Vigour News

29 September 2014

Hazera Open Days

Late in September HAZERA held their annual international open days in The Netherlands. On display was a wide range of varieties and while the focus... more...

28 April 2014

New look website for Hazera

  Hazera Genetics have launched a new look website - - Vigour distribute Hazera Genetics products in New Zealand where we have much success... more...

28 January 2014

Nickerson-Zwaan Introduce their new chlorophyll sorter

Nickerson-Zwaan Introduce their new chlorophyll sorter. The machine measures how much chlorophyll each seed contains. Cholorophyll plays an important role in photosynthesis, the system by... more...

26 November 2013

UK Onion Conference 2013

This week Steve McArthur from Vigour attended the UK Onion conference. Below are short comments from the speakers at the UK onion conference, Peter Kendall ,... more...

21 October 2013

New Brassica Varieties

The 2013 Nickerson-Zwaan international open days were a showcased some spectacular new varieties. Some of the highlights of the new lines that we will be... more...

25 September 2013

International Open Days

Today Julie and Steve from Vigour met with vegetable professionals from around the world at the open field vegetable variety open days held by Nickerson -Zwaan Days... more...

19 September 2013

International demonstration days

Next week the Vigour team will be discovering a new range of vegetable crops during the Nickerson-Zwaan International Open Days!  Tuesday and Wednesday (24/25 September)... more...

30 April 2013

International Open Days 2013

In The Netherlands from Tuesday the 24th to Friday the 27th of September Nickerson-Zwaan will hold their annual International Open Days. The large sized demo... more...

24 April 2013

In memory of Joel Canestrino

It is with much sadness that I report that my good friend and fellow onion crop aficionado, Joel Canestrino passed away on Sunday morning (21/4/13) in the USA, due to... more...

29 September 2012

Dutch Open Days

During the last week of September Steve McArthur once again visited the annual vegetable variety open days in The Netherlands. Nickerson-Zwaan had on display in the fields... more...

21 June 2012

New Broccoli Range

Following three years of extensive field trials, Vigour have released three new broccoli varieties for the New Zealand market. CHLOE f1 (XB8019) is a mid-maturing... more...

26 May 2012

Tokyo Central Wholesale Market

Quality and diversity is what strikes you first when viewing the fresh produce in the Tsukiji Market, Tokyo's central wholesale market. However, it is the... more...

18 December 2011

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours, we are open through the holiday season. For seeds and service call 0800 VIGOUR. The courier service is closed for the statutory holidays.... more...

16 November 2011

UK Onion Conference

During an unseasonably warm November in the United Kingdom, I attended my fourth UK Onion and Carrot Conference in Peterborough. This biannual event attracts participants... more...

08 November 2011

Awards Season

During November, Vigour owner Steve McArthur was recognised at the 2011 Sir Richard Hadlee Sport Canterbury Awards in Christchurch for his contribution to sport. Winning... more...

22 February 2011

Shaken but not stirred

Thank you for all your kind wishes and thoughts. The earthquakeon Tuesday was massive, much worse than the September quake. Personally my family is all... more...

10 December 2010

USA National Allium Research Conference

Steve McArthur attended the USA 2010 National Allium Research Conference (NARC) in Reno, Nevada. This is a biannual meeting for researchers and onion crop agronomists, most... more...

21 November 2010

New innovations in Tomato

Hazera Genetics are breeding a wide range of tomato varieties. During Steve McArthur's recent visit to their research stations throughout Israel. Steve was very impressed to see... more...

20 November 2010

Brassica Congress Israel

During November Steve McArthur visited the Nickerson-Zwaan Mediterranean regional brassica trial days held in Israel. This was a good opportunity to share trial results with colleagues from... more...

28 September 2010

Nickerson Zwaan Dutch Open Days

During the last week of September Steve McArthur visited the annual vegetable variety open days in The Netherlands. Nickerson-Zwaan had on display in the fields a complete... more...

06 September 2010

Business as usual

We were awoken early on Saturday morning with the house shaking violently for a long period of time. A very freaky experience for all us... more...

08 September 2009

Open days Nickerson-Zwaan

From September 22nd - 25th , vegetable professionals from all over the world can get acquainted with the range of current and new open field... more...

10 June 2009

Nickerson Zwaan Catalogue

 Nickerson Zwaan has released their latest international product catalogue. All of these products are available from VIGOUR for New Zealand growers. Please download the attached... more...

20 March 2009

Hazera Tomato Newsletter

 Download the attached file for the latest tomato innovations from Hazera more...

03 February 2009

Hazera Genetics announces acquisition of the short day onion activities of K&B Development LLC, Gilroy (CA), USA

Hazera Genetics Ltd, Israel's largest seed company and part of the Vilmorin & Cie group, announced the acquisition of the hybrid short day onion activities... more...

27 January 2009

Hazera Genetics commences business with Vigour in New Zealand

Today Vigour hosted a special guest at our Chritchurch office; Ms. Zohar Gar of Hazera Genetics in Israel. Zohar is repsonsible for seeing that the... more...

18 December 2008

New Tomato Varieties from Hazera Genetics

Hazera Genetics are about to launch a new range of Tomato varieites to the New Zealand growers. From the 1st of February Vigour will introduce... more...

17 December 2008

Hazera Genetics appoints Vigour as their exclusive NZ distributors

We are pleased to announce from the 1st of February 2009, Vigour will be the exclusive New Zealand distributors for vegetable seeds bred by Hazera... more...

01 November 2008

Onion trial update

We are well set up for our onion demonstration days to be held in February 2009. Visiting this year we have the breeders of TILBURY... more...

25 September 2008

Nickerson-Zwaan Open Days

Today I visited the Nickerson-Zwaan Open Days in Sint Maarten (North Holland, The Netherlands). On display were a wide range of vegetables including brassicas, lettuce,... more...

19 April 2008

Onion trials on thier way to Europe

Today our onion trials left for their journey to The Netherlands. Eash year Vigour has been sending samples of onons bred from the Nickerson-Zwaaan onion... more...

18 April 2008

Illegal seed importer fined

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is pleased with the conviction handed down today in the Tauranga District Court to a Katikati company for... more...

22 October 2007

Vigour releases new grey Pumpkin

As we further extend our product range, we are pleased to announce this season, the release for extensive grower trials a new Grey Pumpkin Hybrid bred by... more...

25 May 2007

Nickerson-Zwaan Expands Onion Breeding Team

We are pleased to announce that as of July 1st 2007, Nickerson-Zwaan B.V., will take over all onion activities of Limagrain Advanta Netherlands B.V. located... more...

01 March 2007

Onion Open Days

Vigour and Nickerson-Zwaan have an onion variety trial site located near Lincoln in Canterbury. This year, the trials will be open for viewing during the... more...

06 November 2006

South meets North

Today Nanne Veldhuyzen van Zanten - Nickerson-Zwaans' Sales Manager for the Benelux region called into the Vigour office in Christchurch while on vacation here in... more...

03 November 2006

Nelson growers thrive with Vigour

The Nelson region produces a wide range of vegetable crops for their local market, as well as Christchurch and Wellington markets. The crop range is... more...

01 November 2006

Nickerson Dutch Trials

Nickerson Focus on 'Weather-Proof' Varieties  by Edward Long(Shortened extract from The Vegetable Farmer, November 2006)"Our goal is to develop varieties that are as weather-proof as... more...

10 June 2006

New corporate identity for Vigour

Today Vigour Limited launched their new logo and company identity at a function held at the Vigour offices in Christchurch. Many of Vigour’s South Island... more...

13 February 2006

Field Production of Eggplant

Our first trials of eggplant have been very successful, with the introduction of NiZ 60-207 grown here by John Wynyard in Warkworth. This variety is... more...

05 December 2005

New additions to lettuce range

The lettuce market is a fast changing one as new varieties with improved pest and disease tolerance make an entrance. The Nickerson-Zwaan breeders have been developing... more...

01 December 2005

Nickerson-Zwaan onion breeders make significant discovery

After many years of research and breeding effort, Nickerson-Zwaan has succeeded in introducing resistance to downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) in an F1 onion hybrid of... more...

30 November 2005

Global cucumber summit

Steve and Cath McArthur attended Nickerson-Zwaans Global Telegraph Cucumber Summit meeting held in Almeria (this region has close to 10,000 acres of cucumbers under cover)... more...