Dutch Open Days

29 September 2012


The field site


Skating team training demo

During the last week of September Steve McArthur once again visited the annual vegetable variety open days in The Netherlands. Nickerson-Zwaan had on display in the fields a complete range of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, leek, carrot, lettuce, radish, brussels sprouts as well as on site products of onions and Hazera's specialty tomato products.

Among the many highlights and new varieties from Nickerson-Zwaan were two outstanding cauliflower varieties:

Cauliflower CHAMONIX  f1
A new cauliflower for Autumn harvest is the improved Lisabona type, Chamonix.  13-14 week maturity from transplant with the advantage of a larger frame than Lisabona. Chamonix retains the same high quality features that made Lisabona popular, such are dark green, waxy foliage that has good disease tolerance and the white dense curds.

Cauliflower RAOUL f1
A sister to our warm season cauliflower Seoul, Raoul has a more vigorous plant habit, improved curd cover whilst still retaining the very dense curds that Seoul is famous for. Raoul matures 12-13 weeks from transplant, which is 5-7 days later than Seoul.


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