Global cucumber summit

30 November 2005


Nickerson Zwaan cucumber breeders Cees Neefjes (left) and Zifu Yan (right) with one of Spains more famous cucumber growers


Participants in Almeria, Spain

Steve and Cath McArthur attended Nickerson-Zwaans Global Telegraph Cucumber Summit meeting held in Almeria (this region has close to 10,000 acres of cucumbers under cover) in Spain.

We were hosted in Spain by Nickerson-Zwaan distributors in Spain, Vilmorin; who arranged excellent visits to growers and packers as part of the 3 day summit which was attended by the NiZ cucumber breeding team and attracted participants from many countries including South Africa, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Australia, Serbia, Ukraine and New Zealand! 

  • Approximately 7% of the world's vegetable acreage is planted in cucumbers.
  • Asian, Japanese, Thai types make up the majority of the worlds cucumber acreage.
  • Telegraph cucumbers make up only 1% of the total cucumber acreage.
  • The main countries that produce telegraph cucumbers are Spain, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada and France.
  • More telegraph cucumbers are produced under plastic than glass.
  • The majority of telegraph cucumbers are produced in a non heated environment.

Nickerson Zwaan have an extensive breeding team dedicated to telegraph cucumbers; with the main breeding targets for improvements in fruit quality, yield, cold tolerance, disease and virus resistance. Their varieties have been very successful over many years in New Zealand.