Hazera Genetics announces acquisition of the short day onion activities of K&B Development LLC, Gilroy (CA), USA

03 February 2009


Hazera Genetics Ltd, Israel's largest seed company and part of the Vilmorin & Cie group, announced the acquisition of the hybrid short day onion activities of K&B Development LLC, Gilroy (CA), USA.

K&B was originally founded by the renowned onion breeders Luther Kyle and Warren Barham, and has more recently been managed by Robert Barham. Over the past years, the breeding program has concentrated on developing new varieties with the characteristics of sweeter flavor, better yield and improved disease resistance.

According to Rami Dar, CEO of Hazera Genetics -"the K&B program is a valuable addition to our existing short day onion program. It is highly complementary and brings new germplasm in yellow, red and white American short day types. It will create an important basis for the extension of our breeding and commercial activities in the short-day onion segment worldwide"

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