Hazera Genetics appoints Vigour as their exclusive NZ distributors

17 December 2008

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Steve McArthur assessing new Tomato varieties in Israel

We are pleased to announce from the 1st of February 2009, Vigour will be the exclusive New Zealand distributors for vegetable seeds bred by Hazera Genetics. This co-operation will see Vigour extend its greenhouse product range to include the full assortment of capsicum and tomato from one of the worlds leading breeding companies. 

Today Steve McArthur, Vigour Managing Director met with representatives of Hazera at thier Head Office to complete the distirbution agreement. Along with the development of the Tomato and Capsicum range Hazera also have strong programs in Melon, Onion, Lettuce and a range of Rootstocks. 

Hazera Genetics is a world leader in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable and field crop hybrid seeds. For seventy years we have been utilising responsible and conventional breeding methods to breed varieties having innovative traits and by doing so, we are constantly opening new horizons of growth and prosperity for growers and industrialists in all parts of the world.

Hazera Genetics is active in about sixty countries worldwide and has at present four subsidiaries: in Spain, Turkey, China and the USA. In addition to a global distribution network that makes our seeds available, we are able to share with our growers our in-house experience and knowledge in relation to growing our varieties.

Hazera Genetics is part of the Limagrain Group of companies - a group composed of seed companies that each of them is a major player in the international seed industry. In addition to allowing us access to new markets, this alliance enables information-sharing and the generating of productive collaborations with our sister companies and their own research avenues.

A major part of Hazera Genetics efforts is dedicated to R&D: about one-third of our employees are involved in research and as much as 12% of our annual turnover is directed into R&D activities involving cutting edge laboratories and technologies. Not only that, but a very high percentage of our workforce are academics and many of them possess post-graduate degrees in genetics and agronomics. Our science-minded spirit and collaborations account for some of the most groundbreaking agricultural products out there such as mini-size watermelons, Daniella - the tomato variety that is world-famous for its tempting red colour and extended shelf life.

We believe in customer relationships that are ongoing and enduring. We regularly share with growers our experience and collected data on the traits and advantages of our products. We keep close relations with supermarket chains and market-directing enterprises, to learn of consumer preferences and reaction to innovation, which we then embed in our breeding programs.

The company's quality system continuously supervises the seed production process for quality assurance. The process is supervised from the research and development stage, through agricultural and industrial production, to sales and ends when the farmer is provided with agrotechnical information and support. The company sets meticulous quality objectives compared to what is demanded by the certified authorities and authorities of different countries, while maintaining its goal of standing at the industrial forefront from the aspect of enduring quality demands.

By considering the welfare of growers, consumers and the environment, we set new standards in breeding varieties with better yield and a wider set of resistances. We always remember that at the end of the long and complex breeding activity awaits the palate and eye of the fresh produce consumer.