Hazera Open Days

29 September 2014


The field site


14 646 Brussels Sprout

Late in September HAZERA held their annual international open days in The Netherlands. On display was a wide range of varieties and while the focus is on field crops, there were displays covering their complete product range. Guests could not stop eating the super sweet and tasty yellow cherry tomato SUMMERSUN that were on offer in the hospitality tent. New varieties that stood out as potential New Zealand market leaders were:

 Broccoli 18-181 F1, a quick maturing warm season variety suited for summer and autumn harvest in New Zealand. The dark green dense heads are dome shaped, while the plant is vigorous with minimal side shoots, and is easy to trim.

Brussels Sprout 14-646 F1, is a variety with extremely high yield potential for main crop harvest. It has cylindrical setting of the sprouts on the stem and produces many sprouts. Well suited for machine harvest.

Red cabbage 13-372 F1, an early maturing round red cabbage for the fresh market. Speed to harvest is the key feature of this variety coming in weeks ahead of the current market standards. The small plant has good resistance to fusarium.

Cabbage 17-1434 F1, early maturing variety (65 days) with smooth, green heads. A key time slot of this is the late spring where its strong bolting tolerance gives it an advantage for the spring harvest.

Savoy cabbage 14-653, early maturing savoy cabbage with good field holding ability. Good vigour for an early variety, with a nice blistered leaf.

For trial seeds of these varieties contact Vigour at any time.