Nelson growers thrive with Vigour

03 November 2006


Rembrandt seedlings grown by Stuart Sutton


Carel spring onions grown by Mel Page

The Nelson region produces a wide range of vegetable crops for their local market, as well as Christchurch and Wellington markets. The crop range is very diverse with the widest range of vegetables grown anywhere in New Zealand in such a centralised region.

Nelson vegetable producers are very professional and utilise up to date technology and equipment to assist in this vegetable production, both in the greenhouse and open-field. Vigour provide both seeds and agronomic advice to growers in this region and these services are well utilised by the Nelson growers.

Vigour vegetable seed products have been taken up well by many of the innovative producers where we can now lay claim to supplying the majority of the cucumber, radish & spring-onion seeds in Nelson; whilst developing a strong range in cauliflower, melons, leeks, onions and lettuce.