New Brassica Varieties

21 October 2013


Cabbage trials in Holland


The trial fields

The 2013 Nickerson-Zwaan international open days were a showcased some spectacular new varieties. Some of the highlights of the new lines that we will be testing in NZ this coming summer and autumn are:

Broccoli STROMBOLI f1

Early variety for spring harvest. For southern regions where blindness can be a problem, test Stromboli as it has shown in the UK to have strong tolerance to blindness.  It is early to mature and produces nice dense round heads.


Savoy Cabbage NiZ14-626 f1

Mid maturing Savoy cabbage with a nice blister to the leaf. RM is 120 days from transplant, the compact cabbage has excellent field holding ability. Intermediate resistance to Xanthomonas.


Cauliflower NiZ 10-485 f1

A late autumn variety that looks suited for harvest in New Zealand for April, May and early June. The strong plant vigour combined with exceptional curd wrap makes 10-485 likely to fill the current gap in our assortment, following on from the successful RAOUL.


Radish MARCELO f1

A new round red radish in the Diego and Ricardo class. Marcelo looks to offer the advantage of a taller top and the ability to use as a bunching radish in the cooler months when our current varieties struggle to maintain a suitable top for bunching.


For sample seeds of these lines, contact the team at Vigour.