New Broccoli Range

21 June 2012


NiZ 18 065



Following three years of extensive field trials, Vigour have released three new broccoli varieties for the New Zealand market.

CHLOE f1 (XB8019) is a mid-maturing variety with dense, well-domed heads. It has been bred to harvest spring thru to autumn, and in winter in the far north. Chloe maintains a domed shape and uniform bead size on this vigorous plant, which is easy to trim. NiZ 18-065 offers earlier maturity with nice dark green domed heads, with a fine bead. Suited for harvest spring, summer and autumn, the heads are easy to trim on a tall upright plant. The low level of side shoots, makes this variety easy to pick and pack.

For those looking for a bunching broccoli we have a variety that is of very high quality with the added advantage of, "no strings attached" for the grower or marketer. BROCKY f1 is a baby broccoli hybrid bred to cut in autumn, winter and spring. It can be grown during summer in areas which experience only mild winters. The florets have a sweet and tender taste, which is a chef's favorite. The stems with florets are harvested and trimmed and are bunched to market specifications. Brocky can be picked up to 8 times per planting.