New innovations in Tomato

21 November 2010




Steve and Jonathan looking over new varieties

Hazera Genetics are breeding a wide range of tomato varieties. During Steve McArthur's recent visit to their research stations throughout Israel. Steve was very impressed to see the high quality fruit from plants with exceptional disease resistance and vigour.

One major problem for tomato growers in New Zealand is leaf mold also referred to as Fulvia fulva - <Ff> (formerly Cladosporium fulvum). Many of the new varieties bred by Hazera have Ff resistance bred into them. One new variety that caught my eye was E963 f1 (see picture) a new short cycle with very good yield and heat setting, it has a well balanced plant, medium fruit and great red colour and firmness. Along with 963 this summer Vigour is testing a range of tomato varieties with leaf mold (Ff) resistance including cherries and beefstake types.

Another new tomato variety is Antonella F1, developed by Hazera Genetics. Antonella retains its firmness, color and aroma even after a week in the Israeli summer heat. Hazera Genetics is well known for developing products with improved look and taste, developed the Antonella tomato with the aim of withstanding the hot Israeli summer. The tomato is grown in hothouses and can be truss harvested. It was proven that when kept in a bunch Antonella retains its firmness, flavor and colour. The scientist who developed this specific variety recommends keeping these tomatoes in a cool place for several days before consuming. Hazera estimates that due to its resistance to heat and its long shelf life, Antonella has the potential to gain 10 percent of the Israeli tomato market within a short period of time.

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