New look website for Hazera

28 April 2014


Hazera Genetics have launched a new look website - - Vigour distribute Hazera Genetics products in New Zealand where we have much success with their tomato and watermelon product portfolio.

Hazera Genetics is a world leader in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable and field crop hybrid seeds. For more than Seventy years we have been utilizing responsible and conventional breeding methods to breed varieties having innovative traits and by doing so, we are constantly opening new horizons of growth and prosperity for growers and industrialists in all parts of the world.

Hazera Genetics is active in about sixty countries worldwide and has at present seven subsidiaries: in Spain, Turkey, China, Brazil, Mexico, Greece and the USA. In addition to a global distribution network that makes our seeds available, we are able to share with our growers our in-house experience and knowledge in relation to growing our varieties.

Hazera Genetics are part of the Limagrain group of companies - a group composed of seed companies that each of them is a major player in the international seed industry. In addition to allowing us access to new markets, this alliance enables information-sharing and the generating of productive collaborations with our sister companies and their own research avenues.

Hazera Genetics are science-minded spirit and collaborations account for some of the most ground-breaking agricultural products out there such as mini-size watermelons, Daniella - the tomato variety that is world-famous for its tempting red colour and extended shelf life and our revolutionary interspecific hybrid cotton seed, which is changing the picture for cotton growers and industrialist in many parts of the globe.