Nickerson-Zwaan Expands Onion Breeding Team

25 May 2007


"Nickerson-Zwaan onion breeders Joop Hoogenboom & Maurice Odhiambo in their fields September 2006"

We are pleased to announce that as of July 1st 2007, Nickerson-Zwaan B.V., will take over all onion activities of Limagrain Advanta Netherlands B.V. located in Rilland, The Netherlands.

Both companies are part of the Limagrain Group, with headquarters in France and is one of the largest seed companies in the world.

Nickerson-Zwaan B.V. is an international organisation dedicated to the research, production, processing and commercialisation of a wide range of high performing vegetable seed varieties. Limagrain Advanta Netherlands B.V. is a specialist in research and development of field crop seeds and is market leader for these crops in the Benelux.

Nickerson-Zwaan as well as Limagrain Advanta breed and market a wide range of onion varieties and both have good market positions in various European countries. The products are sold under the Nickerson-Zwaan, the Advanta and the Agri brand. After the take-over, Nickerson-Zwaan will continue the use of the Advanta brand and the current distribution channels in the various onion markets.

Both companies have onion breeding facilities in respectively Tuitjenhorn (Noord-Holland, NL) and Rilland (Zeeland, NL). As far as onions are concerned, all breeding activities in Holland will, from the 1st of July, be integrated and concentrated under Nickerson-Zwaan management at the research centre of Limagrain Advanta in Rilland.

This take-over and integration of activities will strengthen the position of Nickerson-Zwaan in the various onion markets in Europe, but will also function as a strong basis for further international expansion of Nickerson-Zwaan in the onion business. Concentration of all research activities in one location will place the company in a better position to bring more innovative and high performing onion varieties to the market.

In New Zealand Nickerson-Zwaan have a joint onion breeding program with Vigour for intermediate day-length onions.

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