Nickerson-Zwaan Open Days

25 September 2008


Nickerson-Zwaan trial site



Today I visited the Nickerson-Zwaan Open Days in Sint Maarten (North Holland, The Netherlands). On display were a wide range of vegetables including brassicas, lettuce, carrots and onions.

 The field days are held each year at the end of September and is attended by growers from around Europe and Nickerson-Zwaan business partners from all corners of the globe. This is an excellent event to see the new products that is coming from the breeding program and to directly discuss these with each of the specific breeders in the fields.

 Vigour as part of our testing program are testing many of these new varieties in New Zealand growing conditions and due to our "counter season" we often have a head start with seeing many of these new introductions.

 Highlights in the trial were:

 Cauliflowers Seoul f1 & NiZ10-284 f1 both of which have the frame size, wrap and curd quality that we demand in New Zealand. 

 Cabbages Rovite f1, Rodon f1, looked good in the round red market segment, Cornalyn f1 stood out for main season Savoy production and the new range of pointed cabbages in both red and white looked very promising for specialty markets.

 The program looks very strong for new Brussels Sprouts and Chinese Cabbages including Vitimo f1 for Chinese cabbage and Bright f1 Brussels sprouts.