Nickerson-Zwaan onion breeders make significant discovery

01 December 2005


An example of downy mildew

After many years of research and breeding effort, Nickerson-Zwaan has succeeded in introducing resistance to downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) in an F1 onion hybrid of the Rijnsburger type.

Downy mildew is an extremely significant disease in onions, which can quickly kill the leaves and dramatically reduce both yield and quality. Over the next few years, Nickerson-Zwaan will continue work on extending their range of onions that are resistant to downy mildew.

The New Zealand Onion Industry will benefit from Nickerson-Zwaan's success in controlling downy mildew. This, in conjunction with the fact that onions are being bred specifically for New Zealand growing conditions, will ensure that New Zealand growers will also enjoy the benefits of downy mildew resistance.