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08 September 2009


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From September 22nd - 25th , vegetable professionals from all over the world can get acquainted with the range of current and new open field vegetable varieties offered by  Nickerson-Zwaan. A real highlight because they are a living "showroom" of many crops and varieties. This year's focus is on Brassica crops, where Nickerson-Zwaan continue a long tradition of innovation.

Nickerson-Zwaan have chosen a worldwide growth strategy in Brassica (cabbage types), and are investing heavily in these crops.

The company is preparing the construction of a brand new Brassica research station in North Holland, and started projects on taste and ingredients in Brassica crops. All efforts are aimed at being a reliable partner for Brassica growers, to enable these to deliver high quality products corresponding to the latest market trends and demands. A personal approach is one of the keystones of this policy.

As market leader in pointed cabbage we present newly developed special purpose varieties. For example Dutchman F1, an improved variety with better colour and uniformity that is also very suitable to grow as mini pointed cabbage. The usual green varieties have now been completed with red varieties. Undoubtedly these are very attractive products for shop shelves, responding to the latest market trends. Pointed cabbage is a tasteful, light sweet and fresh cabbage that matches very well in salads. It can be kept longer than lettuce and probably is healthier. Pointed cabbage goes very well in Asian cuisine and in micro wave dishes, especially the mini pointed cabbages that are becoming increasingly popular in small households. Nickerson-Zwaan is going to offer the mini concept year round.

In white cabbage our new hit Sting F1 is excellent for long storage, with its perfect internal structure and high yields. Adson F1 is the new variety with improved characteristics for industrial processing (cutting).

In cauliflower Nickerson-Zwaan's new variety Seoul F1 has shown tremendous success in the industry segment. A variety that unites many qualities, featuring heavy, dense curds, high yields and optimum uniformity.

In the tent on the field different processed cabbage products from different countries will be on show, illustrating the many possibilities offered by Brassica, and of course there will be something to taste.

Cauliflower harvesting contest

After its successful launch last year, we'll organise the second edition of our Cauliflower Harvesting Contest. On Tuesday September 22nd at 5 pm about twenty cauliflower growers will compete for the Benelux title "Cauliflower Harvesting Champion 2009".

To get more detailed product information please contact Marion Vissers of Nickerson-Zwaan (tel. +31 (0)6 - 215 87 080) or Arjen Biesheuvel of Clause (tel. +31 (0)6 - 538 49 116).
Of course you are kindly iinvited to have a look at our demonstration field. It will be a great pleasure for us to inform you.

Date: Tuesday September 22nd to Friday September 25th, 2009, from 9.00 AM to 17.00 PM.
Address: Rijperweg no. 20 near the village of St.-Maarten (province of North-Holland, The Netherlands).