USA National Allium Research Conference

10 December 2010




The Nuggett Conference Venue

Steve McArthur attended the USA 2010 National Allium Research Conference (NARC) in Reno, Nevada. This is a biannual meeting for researchers and onion crop agronomists, most participants are Americans. At the last meeting in Savannah in 2008, IYSV was the hot topic and it is pleasing to report that the damage from IYSV is much less than first feared.

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The main points were:

  • 1. Reduce stress on the plant, the less stress = less disease, more yield, better quality
  • 2. Thrips transmitting many forms of bacteria to onions
  • 3. Onions following cereal crops should be avoided
  • 4. Wild Mustard best brassica host for thrip and should be avoided close to planting
  • 5. Measure your soil moisture levels
  • 6. Some fungicides reduce the activity of thrip sprays on onions
  • 7. We learn from our mistakes, make sure you make some