Seed Quality

Lettuce SeedlingsThe improvement of seed quality

An entirely different kind of seed processing has to do with treatments for the purpose of quality improvement.

The aim of these treatments is to obtain either a higher percentage of germinating seeds or accelerated germination. An example of this is seed that is treated with crop protection agents. This provides young seedlings the protection they need against disease, which can originate in the soil. Seeds can also be treated with chemicals that protect the crop against disease and pests after it has developed in the field. By applying these chemicals directly to the seeds, the use of fungicides or pesticides during cultivation may be considerably reduced. This in turn leads to a positive impact on the environment.

Coating seeds

Crop protection agents are applied to seeds by means of a coating. The colour of the coating indicates which type of chemical has been applied. Coating seeds in this way has two important advantages: the grower does not come in direct contact with the chemical and the dose applied is extremely precise and thus highly effective. Increasing interest is also being shown in the use of untreated seed - for biological cultivation – and we also supply this product. It involves seed on which no seed born diseases have been detected and which has not been chemically treated.

Quality CheckWhat product forms can Vigour offer for vegetable seeds?

As a result of the ever increasing demand for better quality, vegetable growers and plant raisers require improved seed quality. Nickerson-Zwaan can provide you with the following product forms, which are in line with Eurep GAP requirements. With some products Vigour can arrange to have the seed you require custom treated within New Zealand.

Nickerson-Zwaan Filmcoating or gluecoating (green colour)
In filmcoating or gluecoating one or more fungicides are added. These fungicides protect the seed during germination against soil pathogens. The filmcoating or gluecoating is almost complete dust-free and is Nickerson-Zwaan's standard seed treatment.

Nickerson-Zwaan Precisa with insecticide coating (red colour)
Insecticide coating is a full covering filmcoating to which one or more fungicides and one insecticide is added. By using insecticide coating one can reduce the use of chemical agents considerably. Insecticide coating is allowed for cabbage, carrot, onion and leek. These insecticide coatings have proven to be reliable tools in the protection against cabbage fly, carrot fly and onion fly during the start of the season. They help limiting or avoiding the growth of a population.